I came to Miriam a few months before my wedding and she not only changed my body, but my mindset about exercise. I had always been into working out, but she taught me the importance of variety in workouts, and not to be scared of heavy weights. She has a 360 approach to healthy living which is super important.

And the best part: she makes working out together fun! Every session is different so I never get bored and constantly feel challenged. She is super patient and understanding but also pushes me to work harder than I think I can. I never dread or feel anxious about an upcoming training session—I am always excited knowing that I will leave feeling stronger and more confident!
— Dori P.
I have been going to Miriam for over a year now and I have had the most positive experience. Once I met Miriam, I honestly knew right away that she got me. She never tried to get me to do some crazy diet or choose working out over living my life, which is important to me! Miriam encourages me to have a good, balanced lifestyle and I appreciate working with someone who understands that! Being a bit on the smaller side, I had always been more of a runner and other exercises were a bit foreign to me. I never could believe that weight lifting would become apart of a five-foot girl’s work out regime, but Miriam has taught me to have more faith in understanding what’s going on in my own body and what it has the capacity to do!

She has an infectious and fun energy and it honestly feels like you’re working out along side a friend. Don’t get me wrong, she completely kicks my butt and there are days when I feel the pain days after a workout with her, but it is the best kind feeling and I’m so grateful to her! I am feeling so much stronger both physically and mentally since starting with Miriam and I see the tone in my body changing! Miriam makes the workouts dynamic and fun and is a constant support! Simply the best!
— Maggie K.
Before working out with Miriam, I tried out every group fitness class out there for a year from spin to kickboxing to barre. Not only was I unmotivated and unenthusiastic, I never saw results and was constantly frustrated. Miriam is an amazing trainer and an even better person. She customizes each workout session to your strengths/capabilities and will push you to become stronger while still keeping your personal physical power in mind. I look forward to working out with Miriam and I truly see a difference in my body. I have not been to a group class since and I couldn’t be happier!
— Andrea M.
I can’t say enough great things about Miriam’s online training program. She’s helped me navigate the weight room by incorporating new and interesting exercises. She is ALWAYS available for quick questions and form corrections. Her positive attitude has kept me motivated and eager to continue my progress. Most importantly, she’s changed my outlook on fitness and health. I had dieted before, but nothing ever stuck. She helped me find balance and learn to feel ok, and even great about having meals out, or celebrating holidays without guilt. I look less at the numbers on the scale, and more at how I feel. I celebrate non-scale victories, like using a new machine in the gym, or hip thrusting my body weight for the first time. Even after I stopped tracking my macros, I continued to see progress while enjoying myself and allowing for indulgences. I feel like what I have been doing with Miriam’s help is a lifestyle that I can easily keep for years to come.
— Melody H.