Miriam Fried Fitness is growing…

Meet our newest team trainer, Loreyn McKenzie!

In order to better serve Miriam’s extensive NYC fitness community, MF Fitness is excited to welcome new trainers that practice + preach fitness, self love and brunch in healthy amounts. Each trainer is hand-selected by Miriam and trained 1-on-1 in her distinct training style and philosophy to provide top of the line, customized programming to clients.

“I'm not sure where my athletic/competitive gene in my family came from, but it came through hard. I was a 3 sport athlete in high school, but soccer was always my sport. Started at the age of 3 and continued on to play through my freshman year in college. I also was involved heavily in softball and dabbled in basketball. In college, even after sports, training and exercising were always a priority. At the time, I thought I knew what I was doing from being an athlete, but I relied heavily on cardio and my diet was shit. I didn't know how to eat right, recover or train with a purpose. As time went on, I learned more and my passion grew. During my first and only year in law school, the gym became my second home and the passion grew even more. A couple of years passed and I ran into many health issues and that is when my passion for holistic health went wild. I want to help people see the bigger picture and really make health a lifestyle. — Loreyn

Loreyn McKenzie - Miriam Fried Fitness - Personal Trainer

Certifications: NASM Certified with 2+ years training experience

Fave NYC Brunch Spot / Order: haven't lived in NYC long enough but so far I would say the Butcher's pancakes from The Butcher's Daughter.

Cocktail of Choice: Spicy Marg!

Training Style: Resistance Training mixed with a little athletic performance

Why MF Fitness? MF Fitness is real. Real as in incorporating fitness to fit your life. It's about enhancing your life while still living your life. MF Fitness celebrates you and what your body can do.