"Goal Setting for the New Year"

I’m not really a “set goals for the new year” kinda gal.

…are you surprised?

New Year's Resolutions | Miriam Fried Fitness

To be honest, I’ve spent so much of my life being anxious about the future that I haven’t spent nearly enough time being present.

I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with goal setting!  But this year, I’m reflecting on where I’m at with gratitude for where I’ve been.  Instead of goals, I have intentions to live in the moment.

…So, what about you?

You might be at a place right now where you’re making resolutions to start fresh.  And that’s awesome!  Goals can be a great way to take stock of what we truly want for ourselves and to map a plan to get there.

But don’t forget to live in the now. Don’t let yourself get so lost in the new year, that you’re unable to appreciate where you’re at right now.

I’ve trained a lot of clients over the years, and I find one common thread amongst the people who achieve the most success:  they are already genuinely content with themselves when we start working together - and if they’re not, they’re actively working on their mental game just as hard as their physical one. Even if they have goals, things they hope to work on or achieve- they already love themselves.  

The clients who stay down on themselves and refuse to change their mental state- they generally struggle and it takes much longer to make progress.  They don’t appreciate their own small achievements.  They take two steps back every time we take one forward.

Mental and physical health are inextricably linked.  So, if you’re setting fitness goals for the new year, I salute you!  But please, don’t forget to let yourself BE, right here right now, in these final days of 2018.  Don’t forget to celebrate your wins and the things you’ve ALREADY accomplished.  Don’t be so focused on an idea of some “new you”, that you can’t love yourself exactly as you are right now.

Happy New Year!  Thank you for your love + support in 2018!

Need help navigating this new perspective on fitness?

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